Our community

The Old Town Community has the following expressions, each with different people participating. You are welcome to come to some or all, to come often or to come infrequently!upper room

  • The Settling: every other Sunday  we ‘open the door, light the fire and put the kettle on’. Normally 10 – 20 people, from a range of backgrounds and places, gather for a few hours. There is no fixed programme, although the afternoon often includes a walk or some light work in the garden. Everyone is welcome.

  • Community at the Weekend: once a month we invite people to enjoy a weekend of community living. The weekend is structured around a rhythm of prayer, and includes opportunities for rest as well as work in the garden. Several people have become regulars, others have joined for one weekend, or just for a day. Anyone is welcome to join us to experience community life for a short time. For catering and accommodation purposes please contact us if you wish to join us for a weekend.

  • gardening 3Community garden: a vegetable garden with a mixture of raised and ground-level beds provides opportunity for connection with creation and is an expression of sustainable simplicity. We have occasional community garden days, but if you want to spend some time in the garden at any time, please contact us.

  • Holiday cottages: The cottages continue to operate as tourist accommodation, providing an opportunity to show hospitality and loving-kindness to guests. They also provide an income to allow some of the core community to live and work within the Old Town.

  • cottages 6Retreats: The cottages are also used as accommodation for organised retreats. The retreats are structured around the Northumbria Community’s daily office and provide opportunities for spiritual reflection in a community setting. The cottages are also available for other groups to run their own retreats or for people looking for a personal retreat space. Anyone interested in booking a retreat should contact us.